Junior Year

Welp, this just might be the year from hell… or so I’ve been told. The classes are the most difficult and time consuming. I’m hoping I can get through it. First class today! Yay!

I have seen most of my friends since I’ve been back at school. Everyone seems to have had a good summer so far. I had a friend spend the summer in San Francisco and she absolutely loved it! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

As for my summer… It was average at best. I lived at home and had an internship! The commute to work was really nice, I had a 3 minute drive at most. And they did pay me a nice amount. My boss was the best! Butttt, it was really boring. I just found myself having a lot of down time and I hate that. I think it was just a miscommunication between me and my boss about how much time different tasks should take. He did say I could go back in the winter or even next summer though! Yay for back up plans!

Until next time…

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