Zero Resistance

The glass,

full of devils water,

sitting within arm’s length,

taunting me again.

My conscience tries


to convince me to stop,

but temptation wins.


I take another sip.


I’ve lied to myself

many times,

by skipping meetings

and cheating.

Thinking I can mask my thirst,

eager to have a taste,

forcing me to raise the glass

to my lips and drink.


I take another sip.


I leave the bar.

Hear tall, laughing buildings

mock my gait.

See sidewalk cracks widen

into treacherous cliffs.

Heading home in a drunken haze

is a state familiar to me.


I take another sip.


I fumble with my keys

missing the hole twice.

I know it’s pathetic,

what’s left of my life.

Before finding the bed

I fall,

crashing to the floor,


I take another sip.


It’s difficult now

to keep my eyes open,

so I let them close.

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