City Limits

I never did like
the massive amounts of people
crammed inside the city limits,
like tuna in a can.
I am always taken over
by the deadly feeling
of suffocation.

I never did like
how the cabs never checked
if people were in the crosswalk,
before they drove.
It’s easy to blend in,
or become invisible here.
I would know.

I never did like
how my eyes hurt
because they were blinded
by lights, at all hours.
Sleepless nights,
too many to count,
made me think too much.

I never did like
when my eyes
were fully saturated
with memories from the past.
Tears escape
and slowly trickle
down my face.

I like
standing on this rooftop
above all the people,
the lights, and the noise.
Searching for a final sign
of meaning, and belonging,
but nothing comes.

I like
to look down
upon the ground.
I realize
that it’s approaching fast.
And then everything
goes black.


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