Have your cake and eat it too.

Have your cake and eat it too.

My best friend turned 21 today!
She’s been a great friend for the past 11 years, I don’t know what I’d do without her. We came to college together freshmen year as roommates and it’s been a great deal of fun. However, she’s graduating a year early so these last few weeks are our last as roommates. I’m sure we’ll both miss it. Also, she’s moving to Florida, so far away!
Anyway, this post is for her.
Happy Birthday

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Motel Shower

I have been dabbling in writing poetry for almost a year now. I like it because it relaxes me and lets me get my thoughts out onto paper (or in this case the internet). I like it because there are so many different forms and there is no “correct” way to say anything. This clearly isn’t my first post about poetry, and it certainly won’t be my last either.

Inspired by the Daily Post and because it’s National Poetry Writing Month, here’s another.

Small, isn’t it?

Or I’m just too tall.

And a hairy plug hole,

water drains slow.

Head won’t stay up.

Ouch, way too hot!

Now ffffreezing fucking cold!

Mildew on the curtain,

sticking to my ass.

Bumping my elbow

and my knee

and my other elbow.

Water slows to a dribble.

Christ, I just want to shower.

Nozzle gets stuck

then falls off,

hits my foot.

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

I slip.

Tiny bottle,

no shampoo left.

Why did I bother?

Now, where’s my towel?

Thanks for reading!

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Birds and the Bees and Hardware, Please

Newlyweds asked the preacher how

to join the church and make a vow.

“No coitus for two weeks,” he said.

Unsure they could, the couple fled.


Two weeks passed, judgment day arrived.

Nervous, the couple vocalized,

“It went fine, without complaint,

‘til she dropped the can of paint.”


“Can of paint?” the preacher asked.

“She bent down, we made it fast.”

“The church bans you,” he was forced to say.

“Home Depot did too, so that’s okay.”

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Zero Resistance

The glass,

full of devils water,

sitting within arm’s length,

taunting me again.

My conscience tries


to convince me to stop,

but temptation wins.


I take another sip.


I’ve lied to myself

many times,

by skipping meetings

and cheating.

Thinking I can mask my thirst,

eager to have a taste,

forcing me to raise the glass

to my lips and drink.


I take another sip.


I leave the bar.

Hear tall, laughing buildings

mock my gait.

See sidewalk cracks widen

into treacherous cliffs.

Heading home in a drunken haze

is a state familiar to me.


I take another sip.


I fumble with my keys

missing the hole twice.

I know it’s pathetic,

what’s left of my life.

Before finding the bed

I fall,

crashing to the floor,


I take another sip.


It’s difficult now

to keep my eyes open,

so I let them close.

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Just One More Pack

I thought that you liked it

when we kissed,

even though I smoke?


The taste of nicotine

on my tongue

sticks in your mouth.


My teeth are covered black,

thick with tar

and never clean.


Now you have packed me in

and I’m alone

with my pack of cigarettes.



This is part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty, the link follows.


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“Science withou…

“Science without Religion is lame, Religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein

For the past few years I have been contemplating exactly what I believe in.

Currently, I don’t believe that there is a God or “higher being” but I also don’t believe that there isn’t one. I don’t believe in either simply because I CAN’T believe in either. I feel the need to be proven that one of them is true before I can make my decision. I guess you can say it’s hard for me to believe…

So when I read this Einstein quote, it hit me in the gut. I really took a liking to it. He’s basically saying that you can’t have one without the other and I think this is a nice way to put how I believe. Basically, if you believe in one and not the other then you aren’t opening your mind enough. I agree completely and now have this quote hanging on my wall.

So thank you, Mr. Einstein.

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Melbourne: An Artists Playground.

Melbourne: An Artists Playground.18 120

I was in Melbourne on a study abroad trip this January and it was the best experience of my college career thus far. The people were so friendly and the weather was absolutely amazing. It was a place that I have wanted to visit my entire life and I am so thankful that I finally got to go.

The street art there was one of my favorite things about the culture. It is actual are, not just random people putting “tags” on buildings like it is in any American city. Here are some of the art pieces I was able to capture.

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